SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty continues to haunt the Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of the Jammu region amid the ongoing Indian military lockdown on the 78th straight day, Tuesday.

Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported that internet and prepaid cellular services continue to remain suspended while shops and business establishments are mostly shut and educational institutions are deserted. Presence of government employees in the offices remains thin.

“The shutdown is seen as a mark of silent protest against India’s occupation and its August 5 illegal move. Tens of thousands of customers, particularly students, professionals and media persons are being affected by the total gag on the internet.”

There is also a shortage of life-saving drugs as the internet shutdown makes it difficult for chemists to place online orders and receive deliveries on time. All the major telecom operators have been ordered by the authorities not to convert pre-paid SIM cards into post-paid ones in Kashmir.

The posters found pasted on vantage points at different places in the occupied territory said that the people of Kashmir would foil the nefarious designs of the Hindu extremists with unity. The posters published on behalf of the Resistance Leadership and heirs of Kashmiri martyrs urged the Kashmiri people to not sell their property to non-Kashmiris and strictly ban their entry to the territory, KMS reported.

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