Technology in the past was a necessity; it was made so that we can eradicate poverty, diseases and hunger. Technology has helped human in eradicating this problem of past and had increases human life expectancy .But sadly now a day we are using technology over the limit, people are using for their own greed and are developing very destructive weapon of mass destruction and nuclear weapon, this weapon could become a source of eliminating human race.

The scientists are basically playing with nature with the high and complicated technology. They should know that playing with nature is dangerous because this is the only thing, which is not in the hands of human. With this new invention like test tube baby, in which a person literally can designs its own baby from traits to its physical appearance everything is design by a human. Cloning is another issue of this era of advancement, in this scientist changes a person DNA sequence or modifies it. They think they are God but they should be careful, making a super human or anything which they can’t understand is dangerous for existence of mankind.

According to the renowned scientist “Stephen hawking” had warned the human race that the aggression traits is inherent in human genes till the starting of human civilization due to survival instinct a person possess by the theory of Darwin evolution and this aggression traits could became a source of world destruction by the help of advance nuclear technology. So human have to make sure that they use their logic and reason when there are under critical situation and should invent new technology for the benefits of human kinds not for its destruction. So with all this technological advancement, we need some responsive community, who could keep an eye on this activity and make sure that this technology should not be used against human creed.

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