With the launch of iPhone X just a few days ago many apple enthusiast’s are gravely disappointed so before you think of emptying your pockets take into account the following drawbacks:

FIRST GENERATION PRODUCT: This is a reason not many have thought about before & I know that it’s the 10th anniversary phone from apple but in reality it’s an all new product from Apple & Apple said that this phone will be leading the next 10 years of design & with a new product or a new line there ought to be issues with it & with our past experiences with apple , certainly with every new design major, issues have sprung up,for example the bending issue with the iPhone 6.

HIGH PRICED: The phone is priced at a staggering $1000 dollar tag & apple justifies their price tag by boasting about their ‘super retina’ display, but really, are there not any phones with better displays on the market with a much lower price tag?

DISPLAY: Apple says that the iPhone X has an OLED screen but according to reports from different tech analysts like Philip from ‘officialiphonerebel’ channel, it is really not up to the mark, when compared with other phones like Samsung Note 10 the display seems to be really dim with rated nits at 625 for iphone X as compared to 1240 for the Note 8.

CROPPED CONTENT BECAUSE OF A SLIMMER DISPLAY: If you have been using a plus sized phone like the 7plus then your content will definitely be cropped down to fit the display, you’ll find images & videos smaller because of the much slimmer display & the cut our bar on the top will definitely make your app experience unpleasant.

NOTHING NEW: There’s nothing new to this phone, all of its features have already been in the market with different phones for e.g. the bezel less display for the essential phone, wireless charging with the Samsung s8 & many others, face unlock was introduced last year too with the note 7 & last but not the least augmented reality, many phones have entirely been built for augmented reality experience.

So these are some of the many ‘No’s’ of buying the new iPhone X & potentially saving your money.

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